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Every one of us dreams about a better future, a better life where our hearts will be content and our mind calm, without thinking of the many problems that plague our lives. This is what MEDASTRANA is all about, it brings you closer the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and to your higher inner self.


Medastrana elements

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Medastrana contains three elements:
1. Pythagorean numerology,
2. Influence of the Sun to human’s life (Astrology) and
3. Meditation.


What are your benefits

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In Medastrana, you enter in a world of light where the most important things are: your self-improvement, the improvement of your relationships, the improvement of your life quality. Your daily life enters in another dimension.

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Medastrana analysis: Love match


Love match

Love match analysis gives you useful information about your love match. More specifically :

1. You see how you can continuously charm your love match and keep the flame of your love burning.

2. See what you have in common.

3. You take information about how you develop your spirit and soul in your relationship.

4. Through the unique in the world interactive Medastrana divination for Love you take answers - advices and information about your relationship problems and matters.

5. You are provided with a special meditation for Love.

Please be prepared to know the data of your love match in order to fill correct the form, data that you must know are: name, last name, birth date, and 4 word random words that you will enter during filling the form (4 random words are necessary for divination for Love).

For the continuously improvement of the Medastrana website, please give us feedback through "contact" on the home page. In the centre of Medastrana is your personality and needs.

Please fill in the form bellow and receive your personal analysis
Note that you will have a second chance to reenter your data in order to be sure that you entered them correctly.

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cost : 49 $
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